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4 LED strips without cable

Corded or rechargeable battery

Battery life 11-12 hours

With remote control

With intensity regulator

Fixing with clips on the rods

For rods> 10 mm

Lumen: 960

Color: silver gray


Diameter 20 cm

Weight 0.93 kg

AC Adapter 220V

Charge 4h

Duration 8h

Mast 38-51 mm

LED 30,000h


4 LED strips without cable

With rechargeable battery

Duration 4-8 hours

Fixation: magnetic stripe

For rods> 20 mm

Weight: 750 gr

Color: silver gray

Summertime S3

Spherical triple

Polycarbonate structure

Stainless steel screws

Acrylic diffuser

Internal wiring

Mast 38-90 mm

E27 3x40W

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