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New umbrellas to improve the image of your terrace

Surely on one occasion or another you have walked through a place full of terraces looking for the ideal place to enjoy a delicious aperitif or a simple refreshing drink in the shade. It is possible that when choosing where to sit you are guided by the appearance of the business.

Did you know that umbrellas, along with tables and chairs, determine the first image of your establishment?

As in many other aspects of life, image is important, so it is very necessary to keep the umbrellas on your terrace looking good since they are the visible face of the business and provide a first impression on customers which is what will determine whether they decide to sit on your terrace or decide to go to the one next door because it gives them greater confidence guided by appearances.

With the passage of time, and especially due to exposure to the sun, some umbrellas already look old and faded after just one season of use. Other parasols are
They break quickly, the rods twist and come out of the canvas, causing a danger. At other times the fabric tears and frays. All this causes an appearance of neglect and dirt.

We must prevent this from happening. That’s why it’s important to invest money in quality umbrellas instead of buying simple new ones every few years. Long-term,
It will save both money and worries.

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