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Reasons to choose an umbrella with a central or side mast

The good weather is here. Meals with the family in your garden are back. But there is a problem. You have realized that the umbrella that provides you with that pleasant shade is broken. It’s time to buy a new one, but…which model to buy? That is the doubt.

With central or side mast?

An umbrella with a central mast is the most basic and common model. The cover is centered on the umbrella support and can be of different shapes, whether square, rectangular or round. By having a central mast, the main advantage is that it is well balanced and, therefore, more stable. Furthermore, this type of mast can go in the central hole of the garden table and will contribute to the stability of the umbrella itself. Since this type of mast can be placed in the center of the table, as we have said before, it saves you space if you don’t have it, which is an advantage. But at the same time the central mast is not very flexible and does not guarantee that it can cover the sun completely at certain times of the day. It is possible that some diners end up more toasted than the food itself.

On the other hand, if we have a terrace or need to cover a larger shaded area to protect the garden from the sun’s rays, an umbrella with a side mast is better suited for us. The greatest advantage that the parasol with an eccentric mast provides us is that it allows greater flexibility of movement and will allow us to easily protect ourselves from the sun at any time of the day thanks to the inclination and rotation of its articulated arm. Which gives it the option of being installed practically anywhere. Furthermore, in terms of elegance and design, it is much better than the central mast. But as with everything, it also has its negative side, instability. Sometimes, if the wind is considerably strong, the parasol can withstand less wind than an umbrella of the same quality with a central mast and then it must be closed first.

On our website we offer you a side mast umbrella with a 360º rotating system, tiltable 45º that can also have a base with wheels, so it allows you to create shade where you need it. These Cielo, Laterna, Fratello and Palestro models offer you the solution with maximum flexibility

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