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The terrace is the place where customers have a first impression of your business and with our umbrellas you will have all the help you need to make it good. Hospitality companies want, above all, to have the name of their company on the umbrella in order to raise the profile of their terrace. Printing on an umbrella canvas is a complicated job and we can do it for you. We use two methods to print a logo or text on the canvas: Plotting and Screen Printing.


Plotting means that the logo is made of vinyl and then through heat it is pressure printed onto the canvas. This occurs at high temperatures so that the glue on the paper will adhere well to the canvas. Due to this high heat in the material, the printer cannot heat the same piece of fabric more than 3 or 4 times, as it could cause it to shrink. The plotting technique is used for small quantities.


In screen printing, a screen is placed over a frame that causes the fabric to be held taut, and then the ink is fed through the open parts of the screen. This sieve is designed on a logo template that must be printed on the umbrella canvas. Screen printing is cheaper with a large quantity.

The collection of fabrics that we use in La Sombrilla can have your advertising text or logo printed on both the upper and lower part of the canvas and in different colors. We will be happy to send you a quote and a test so that you can customize your parasol. To do this, please send us your logo in high resolution EPS, PDF or JPG for a no-obligation quote and we will advise you on which measure is appropriate for your case. You need to confirm to us that you are satisfied with the quote and the test for us to get the job done.

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