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The importance of buying a good umbrella for our business

Currently there are many types of umbrellas, made of different materials, different designs, different colors… but above all, not all of them are equally good and resistant. So when buying it is important to be guided not only by the price, but also by its quality. If we need an umbrella for our business, it is worth investing in a good model even if its cost is a little higher.

There are simple models on the market that may be valid in the short term but are not profitable in the long run. Below we are going to detail some factors that may occur if our umbrella does not have the desired quality:

  • Frequent replacements: A mediocre umbrella has a much shorter useful life and we will have to change it more frequently, which will mean double expense and time. Waterproofing and shading: Two basic functions in an umbrella. And not all of them comply with it. If we have a terrace, it is essential to invest in a good umbrella. If during a time of rain or when the sun is shining, our facility is not capable of protecting the client, they will not be comfortable and will possibly leave or never return, which will cause us to lose clients.
  • Resistance: Let’s imagine that we have a client enjoying an aperitif under our parasols and in a moment of wind, it breaks and falls on top of us. What a bad time, right? In addition to giving the business a bad image, it would cost us another money and they could possibly claim damages from us. As we have seen, if we need an umbrella or parasol for our business it is very important to invest in a good product, because it will save us money and hours of lost work.

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