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Maintenance advices and uses for garden and hospitality parasols

An parasol is a utensil. And when using it, things can wear out or break. If you take good care of your parasol, this wear and tear will slow down and you will enjoy your parasol much more. To extend the life of your parasol, we give you a series of tips for care and maintenance.

Do not close the parasol when they are wet

It’s no secret that storing things wet locks in moisture, which creates stains, wear, and an unpleasant odor. Therefore, if you did not have the opportunity to close your parasol due to rain, open it to dry and ventilate the next day.

Keep them closed when not in use

If you are not using your parasol all day or all week, we recommend that you keep it closed (and if possible, with a protective cover), as this will prevent it from getting dusty or breaking in cases extremes.

Store in an upright position

In the winter season, we recommend that you store your parasol, but vertically, since if you keep it on the ground, it is likely that some insects will use your parasol as a den, which is dangerous for children and even adults at the time to open the sun visor.

Avoid areas with trees and sheets

There is not much explanation at this point, since, without a doubt, an object that prevents the sunshade from opening correctly will surely cause it to break.

Periodically review its operation

You should open and close the hood from time to time to check that it still works. If not, we recommend putting oil on hard areas or even taking it apart and putting it back together.

Check the tightness of the screws

You should check from time to time if all the screws are still tight. If not, you should take an Allen wrench or screwdriver and retighten them securely.

How to do a correct cleaning?

As for the cleaning of these elements, it is convenient to remove the dust that accumulates on their surface, with the help of a brush or with a vacuum cleaner. Then with a cloth dampened in soapy water, the cleaning can be completed.

Finally, you have to rinse the surface, with a hose for example, so that no soap residue remains. Wipe with a dry cloth and finish drying in the open.

In the event that the parasol or awning has mold, it is convenient to prepare a mixture, consisting of soapy water, bleach (or white vinegar), with a ratio of one to three.

There are products on the market to remove mold from this type of surfaces, which are also useful to prevent it.


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