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We are increasingly involved in looking for viable solutions to maximize the use of your terrace, that is why we will have enclosures, with which you will delimit your terrace, and isolate your clients from the cold and wind in winter while continuing to comply with any At the moment the regulations of your town hall, since if you cannot leave it on, you could save it daily, thanks to its system with wheels and easy assembly.

Roma Mod.
Venezia Mod.
Milano Mod.
Firenze Mod.
Mod. Madrid
Mod. Parigi
Mod. Niza
Up & Down ( electric also available )
OASIdehor Party & Privé

The Party and Privé modules are ideal for defining areas of external and internal structures where fixed, rigid or metal or glass partitions cannot be made. They can be moved and placed with great ease, creating different ones according to the needs

They are available in different colors that reproduce the style of the premises, they can be personalized with the logo, with chosen decorations and with the umbrellas, highlighting the characteristics of the premises and the image of appeal to the public.

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