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HELIOSA is our high design heaters line to heat outdoor terraces with elegance, style and efficiency.

Lighting for parasols, with cable or battery, power regulator and remote control. To make of your terrace a cozy place.

Enclosures designed with movable and fixed modules, in different shapes, sizes and colors adapted to all needs.

It is very important that a parasol has a strong base, with enough weight, so that it does not fly off with the first breath of air.

Infrared heating: Heliosa’s infrared heater is the most economical, immediate option used by our customers. Its main advantages compared to other heating systems are that it does not take up space, provides immediate and adjustable heat, is up to 70% cheaper than gas heaters and is waterproof, so you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Exterior.

Parasol lighting: Good lighting and a comfortable temperature invite you to have a drink or read a book outdoors. Especially the hospitality entrepreneur knows the importance of a cozy terrace and with this variety of lamps, with or without cables, he will be able to illuminate his terrace and attract the attention of customers. Extend your day on the terrace with the pleasant Solero’s parasol’s lighting.

Screens for terraces: We are increasingly involved in looking for viable solutions to maximize the use of your terrace, that is why we will have enclosures, with which you will delimit your terrace, and isolate your clients from the cold and wind in winter without leaving to comply at any time with the regulations of your city council, since if you cannot leave it on, you could keep it daily, thanks to its system with wheels and easy assembly.

Bases for parasols: Each parasol needs a specific base, with the appropriate size and weight so that the foundation is secure enough. Nobody wants their umbrella to fly off with the first breath of air. We have counterweight bases from 34 kg to 640 kg. And we have bases to embed in the ground. With the cast anchor you don’t have any base taking up space on your deck and you can take advantage of the entire space under your parasol.

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