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With these 4 simple tips the wind won’t be able to beat your umbrella

It is clear that the worst enemy of an umbrella has a name: The Wind. An unpredictable phenomenon that can destroy our parasol in just a few seconds. In fact, if we look at the newspapers, there are many stories related to the destruction of terraces due to this inclement weather. That’s why we are going to provide you with 4 practical tips to make your umbrella as firm as possible.

Choose a quality umbrella

Don’t be fooled. As with everything, not all umbrellas are quality. Before buying it, take a good look at both the diameter and thickness of the mast. It is a basic aspect.
The thicker, the more resistant. It is preferable that the mast be in one piece, since if it is joined in two parts, this joint is undoubtedly a weak point and is where it will break first. And finally the material is very important. Steel is not the same as wood.

How much wind can it withstand?

Have you heard of the Beaufort scale? It is the method used to measure wind speed based on observing its effects on things. Most providers do not dare to put an exact figure in writing. But as professional suppliers to a business, they must be obliged to do so. That is why a good supplier dares to put on paper how much wind their parasol can withstand.

Follow the weather forecasts

Being aware of the weather forecast is good, but it does not guarantee us anything, they are not always correct. The best thing is to always be aware of the weather outside. And if we see that things are getting ugly, close your umbrellas. Sometimes the worst thing is not the strength of the wind, but rather strong gusts of wind that can blow at a certain time, which can cause the parasol to collapse.

Canvas with large and overlapping holes for more resistance

There are canvases with large holes that help the umbrella resist a little more in case of wind. There are umbrellas that come with a system specially designed for this: the multi-wheel. The tarp comes with several layers, so there is no sail effect, and they are capable of resisting up to 20 km/h plus wind speed. It is important that the layers overlap, as if they were roof tiles, to maintain the waterproofness of the umbrella and prevent water leaks in case of rain.

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