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Social data: Costa del Sol Gestiones y Soluciones, S.L., with commercial name Solero Sombrillas España, with the C.I.F. B93237253, with Headquarters in Urb. Los Tomillares, s / n – Villa Ramos, 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga, Spain, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Málaga with volume 5097, folio 140, 1st entry, page MA116719.
1. The activity of Solero Sombrillas España is in accordance with the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce 34/2002.

2. Placing an order with Solero Sombrillas España implies acceptance and compliance with each and every one of these commercial conditions.

3. Payment terms: All orders must be paid in advance, unless otherwise agreed.

4. Delivery: The delivery time may vary and will be indicated in the budget always sent before any purchase.

5. Transportation: Each order carries a transportation charge. The merchandise travels at the risk and expense of Costa del Sol Gestiones y Soluciones, S.L. up to the delivery point indicated in the order. The transport service includes the unloading of the merchandise and its placement in a nearby and easily accessible point. No charger service is included. The client, or person to whom he delegates for the reception, expresses his agreement with the status and quantity of the items received by signing the delivery note of the carrier. From that moment, the client has an additional 24 hours to inspect the merchandise and declare on the delivery note if it finds any anomaly. In this case, the defective item will be collected and replaced with another in perfect condition. The return must be made in the original packaging.

6. The customer has a period of one week from the receipt of the merchandise to return it in the event that it does not meet their expectations about the product and finds an essential feature omitted or different from the one that appears in the description of the item. The return must be made in the original packaging and by means of the transport sent by Costa del Sol Gestiones y Soluciones, S.L. to pick it up. The refund of the amount paid will be made in the same way chosen for payment once the merchandise is in the warehouses of Costa del Sol Gestiones y Soluciones, S.L. In this case, the cost of transportation will be deducted from the refund of the amount paid by the customer.

7. Claims: The buyer must control the merchandise directly after receipt of the product and must report faults or faults to Costa del Sol Gestiones y Soluciones, S.L. as quickly as possible in writing, but lately within 10 days from the delivery date. If not, the delivery will be considered complete. The buyer will give the seller a reasonable term to fix the problem.

8. Warranty: All our items are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of two years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not include abuse, neglect, vandalism, improper installation, accidents, exposure to abnormal weather conditions, and other causes that are not defined as a defect by the manufacturer. The buyer must report defects or defects lately within 10 days in writing to Costa del Sol Gestiones y Soluciones, S.L.

9. Limited liability: Costa del Sol Gestiones y Soluciones, S.L. will not be responsible for any loss, expense and / or damage due to consequences of delay or failure to fulfill its obligations due to circumstances that are beyond its control, such as war, war-like situations, riots and public disturbances, earthquakes, storms. , floods, fire or any other natural disaster, accidents, blockades, loss of transport, strikes and other forms of stoppage or interruption of production, complete or partial non-compliance by third parties whose products or services must be received, reduction of the available capacity, boycotts, limitations on the government side or lack of necessary import and / or export licenses. If an aforementioned event occurs, Costa del Sol Gestiones y Soluciones, S.L. will give written notice, and will have the right at its discretion to suspend its obligations or to terminate the contract.

10. Costa del Sol Gestiones y Soluciones, S.L. is exempted from the consequences on third parts derived from the use of the articles. The customer is solely and ultimately responsible for its use.

11. For the resolution of disagreements, the parties submit to arbitration by the National Consumer Arbitration Board.

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