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With these 4 simple tips the wind won’t be able to beat your umbrella

It is clear that the worst enemy of an umbrella has a name: The Wind. An unpredictable phenomenon that can destroy our parasol in just a few seconds. In fact, if we look at the newspapers, there are many stories related to the destruction of terraces due to this inclement weather. That’s why we are going to provide you with 4 practical tips to make your umbrella as firm as

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New umbrellas to improve the image of your terrace

Surely on one occasion or another you have walked through a place full of terraces looking for the ideal place to enjoy a delicious aperitif or a simple refreshing drink in the shade. It is possible that when choosing where to sit you are guided by the appearance of the business. Did you know that umbrellas, along with tables and chairs, determine the first image of your establishment? As in

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Difference between large and small umbrellas

Without hardly realizing it, we already have summer upon us. A very beautiful station but at the same time a bit annoying due to the scorching days, so there is nothing worse than not being prepared for it. To be sure that you are always protected from the sun’s rays, it is worth thinking about buying a good parasol. Next, we are going to see the main differences and advantages

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Instructions for maintaining an umbrella

The maintenance of parasols and umbrellas is generally relatively easy. This article will provide you with a simple guide on how to care for and clean them so that they are as new released.   Learn to close the umbrella at the right time To carry out a good maintenance of the umbrella, it is extremely important learn to close them at the right time. The parasol should not be

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Umbrellas are not only for the beach!

Many of us when we hear the word umbrella our imagination goes directly to a crowded beach full of multicolored round objects anchored in the sand. But an umbrella is much more than a piece of cloth with a stick that protects us from the sun. The location and the weather is one of the most important factors when choosing one type of umbrella or another. A dry climate in

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Many meters to cover while saving space?

Hello Sombrilla family, hope you are doing well. Thinking and thinking, the other day I came to a rather important question. Sometimes, although we have many meters that we want to cover with shade, we do not always have space for it, no matter how paradoxical it may seem. For this type of case we have the perfect product for you, and that is what we are going to talk

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Sombrilla para terraza de hostelería modelo Maestro

New fall proposals

Hello sombrilla family, I hope you are all well. Summer has practically come to an end and it’s time to start worrying about changes in temperature, rain and wind. I know what you are thinking. We already know the multi-wheel model and its benefits. I know, but… Do you know our option of the Maestro model with enclosures? Got you! Today I came to talk about our Maestro Pro. This

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Eden Garden update!!

Hello, Sombrilla family, I hope you are well. I come to tell you news about our Exclusive Catalog parasols. As you well know, Eden Garden only works with the best qualities, giving you the best service on the market. For this reason, Eden Garden has a long manufacturing time, and of course, being in high season, the orders have ended with a somewhat longer delivery time, from 8 to 10

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Fight against the rust of your parasol!

It is not surprising that, over time, the aluminum of our parasol can lose its color and corrode, giving rise to that orange rust that we all do not like so much. Today we will teach you ways to correct that little problem. Salt damage of aluminum All metals corrode in the presence of salts. Although aluminum does not rust in the same way as steel does, it will develop

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Iroko is a tropical wood well known for its strength and durability, and also for its interesting grain and coloration. It is a very versatile raw material that can be used in many areas, highlighting its use as a floor or platform. It has characteristics similar to that of Teak wood, hence it is known as African Teak. However, it is somewhat lighter and less greasy. Characteristics Grain: Between coarse

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