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Eccentric parasols and the wind.

Good afternoon, Sombrilla family. Do you like parasols with side masts? Us too. They seem like the best option due to their beautiful aesthetics, but… Until what extent can it be a good idea to opt for this type of model? Although they are aesthetically elegant, these parasols offer less wind resistance, so you have to pay more attention when leaving it open. Why does this happen? Central mast umbrellas …


Types of canvas

Hello, Sombrilla family. I come to talk to you about the types of canvas we work with so that you can get to know our product a little better. We can divide them into three types; POLYESTER: Polyester is a resin that is characterized by its resistance to various chemical agents and humidity. The lightest canvas of the three types. With a soft 190gr/m2 fabric, it becomes the ideal option …

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