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Iroko is a tropical wood well known for its strength and durability, and also for its interesting grain and coloration. It is a very versatile raw material that can be used in many areas, highlighting its use as a floor or platform.
It has characteristics similar to that of Teak wood, hence it is known as African Teak. However, it is somewhat lighter and less greasy.
Grain: Between coarse and medium.
Fiber: Straight, sometimes slightly intertwined.
Density: Semi-heavy: 640-660 kg/m3 at 12% humidity.
Hardness: It is a semi-hard wood with 3.9 in the Monnin test.
Durability: Resistant to attack by fungi and insects. It is a very durable wood.
Stability: It is a very stable wood once dry, with little tendency to curve.
• Volumetric shrinkage coefficient: 0.36 slightly nervous wood.
Mechanical properties:
• Compression resistance: 540 kg/cm2
• Resistance to static bending: 955 kg/cm2
• Modulus of elasticity: 105,000 kg/cm2
Impregnability: Impregnable sapwood, non-impregnatable heartwood.

These are some of the reasons why iroko wood is the only one we work with. Do not be afraid and ask for your wooden umbrella.
You will not regret!

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