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Fight against the rust of your parasol!

It is not surprising that, over time, the aluminum of our parasol can lose its color and corrode, giving rise to that orange rust that we all do not like so much.
Today we will teach you ways to correct that little problem.

Salt damage of aluminum

All metals corrode in the presence of salts. Although aluminum does not rust in the same way as steel does, it will develop a chalky layer and pitting on its surface when exposed to salt for long periods. A neutral soap and water wash will help remove the oxide layer. If it has been building up for a while, a buffing wheel can help remove it.

Aluminum protective covers

To help protect areas where salt damage is very common, layers of protective paint can be used. Other types of protective coating are also available, such as power protectors, which electrostatically apply pigments to the surface with a resin. This coating is baked at high temperatures to give the aluminum a strong and attractive surface.

Prevent salt damage

To prevent this, inspect the material periodically and repair any damage to the surface coating as quickly as possible. Rinse the aluminum with water if your parasol is near the sea. Avoid using acidic cleaners on aluminum and don’t use abrasive compounds. Damage to the coating will allow salt to penetrate the metal surface.

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