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Parasols and the wind

Good morning, family. In this post today I want to share with you something that is quite controversial and needs to be clarified and it is about the force that the wind exerts on your Parasols.

We must not forget that, although they are high*end Parasols, they are still Parasols, so the canvas with excess air will have that sail effect that we like so little and that can destabilize the Parasol, including those that have a multi-foil system, thus reaching to damage it in more extreme cases.


What is the sail effect and how can it affect my Parasol?

The sail effect is caused by gusts of wind that are faster than usual. It consists in that the wind sneaks under the Parasol and if it is not multivolating, the air accumulates on the canvas, thus pushing it upwards.

Wind speed

We always recommend that, if the wind exceeds 30 kilometers per hour, close your Parasol, although it is mandatory to control the passage of air, since there are gusts of wind that are very treacherous, so, if you want to place a Parasol in your area but it is a place prone to wind, you should ask for heavier bases or multi-foil Parasols.


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