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Why choose infrared light over other types of heaters?

Hello, family, today I come to tell you why choose infrared light.
The strength of the heat and the coverage radius of a heater lies directly in its type of light or energy source, thus being the main reason why we are often not satisfied with a heater that does not give off light, among other reasons. The radius of coverage of these is lower than those that use infrared light.

What is the coverage radius and how does it affect my heater?

The number of square meters that are affected by heat represents the radius of coverage of our heater. While one with infrared light can release up to thirty square meters, those without light aspire to a maximum of seven square meters, and the others barely reach 15 meters.

What happens then with the 66 Black?

No need to worry. This heater has a black glass screen that reduces the light output of the heater, but it still emits light, which slows down the square meters of coverage a little is said glass, thus leaving you with about 20 square meters of coverage, more than double that those that do not emit any light, for example.

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