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Gray days with drizzle and cold?

Gray days with drizzle and cold?

Have you ever woken up with a terrible craving to have breakfast in a bar or eat in a restaurant, but the rain and cold spoil your plans?

All of that is over.

Forget about bad weather with our acrylic fabric Parasols, made with a material very similar to that of awning fabrics, that is, thicker and more resistant than conventional Parasol fabric ready to withstand light rains accompanied by that annoying and cold humidity.

You may be wondering … but guys … How do I get rid of the cold with an Parasol? Simple, because with us you have the option of choosing between two Heliosa heaters.

Heliosa offers high*end heaters with an excellent price quality, providing an immediate heating effect and with a fairly wide coverage radius. In addition, our heaters are quite respectful with the environment, since they do not emit any type of smoke or toxin that can dirt our Parasol or much worse, the ozone layer. In addition, they are water resistant heaters, so you do not have to worry about deterioration of the product in case it gets wet in the rain.

Aren’t they all advantages?

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this winter outdoors with La Sombrilla team!


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