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Fungus on my canvas



In the long term, the fungus can weaken the PVC film that covers the canvas, causing huge “holes or channels” where the fungus penetrates to the fabric, reducing the life of our canvas. This degradation caused by the fungus can allow other microorganisms, such as bacteria, to access it, which will also affect its appearance, generating spots in pink or green tones.

Other effects are the stiffness that the canvas begins to acquire, which allows dirt to accumulate faster, in addition to deforming its appearance and optimal functionality, causing it to shrink and become weaker.

What factors promote the appearance of the fungus on the tarp?

The canvases most susceptible to the development of fungi are those that are exposed to more humid environments, therefore, if you live near the coast, pay attention to the following indications.

What is the fungus retardant additive?

The fungus retardant is an agent formulated with the ability to paralyze and suspend the development of fungi, and which is integrated into the PVC sheet of the canvas during its processing stage.


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