Eco-friendly lighting

Nowadays we look for products that provide us with good qualities, do not cause much expense and that protect the environment as much as possible.

Well, given that need, we have developed a system that helps us take care of the environment and that also produces a minimum expense.

Alumbra is an ideal lighting system for your umbrellas. Composed of a set of LED light bars (which produce hardly any economic cost) with the option to choose the type of light, either warm or white.

One of the biggest problems globally is energy consumption. Currently, we have systems that, in addition to being highly polluting and having a direct impact on the reduction of non-renewable natural resources, are really expensive.

LED lighting does not have toxic elements like traditional lights that contain mercury and, consequently, considerably reduce the emission of harmful effects for both health and the environment. Likewise, they are made from recyclable materials that make this light source an ally for the care of the ecosystem.


Betting on ecological LED lighting is the best option to contribute to caring for the environment while receiving a greater amount of light at a reduced price. All this happens because traditional lighting, based on incandescence and fluorescence, only converts 5% of the energy they emanate into light, while LED lights convert 95%. For this reason, LED lighting is eco-efficient and durable.


The LEDs allow the light to be focused according to the lighting needs, avoiding leaks and wasted light. Thus, it allows its function to be focused, always illuminating the areas we want and forgetting those where light is not required.


Thanks to their low energy consumption, LEDs help us to produce less environmental pollution and, by allowing a better regulation of the lighting power, they help us to have a lower impact of light pollution, something that the environment is very grateful for.




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