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Eccentric parasols and the wind.

Good afternoon, Sombrilla family. Do you like parasols with side masts? Us too. They seem like the best option due to their beautiful aesthetics, but…
Until what extent can it be a good idea to opt for this type of model?
Although they are aesthetically elegant, these parasols offer less wind resistance, so you have to pay more attention when leaving it open.
Why does this happen?
Central mast umbrellas have their gravity core in the center of the canvas, having a fastening that joins them directly to the ground. On the other side, side mast umbrellas support the canvas from above with one arm, leaving its interior completely unprotected, making it more fragile in strong winds situations.
Keep Calm!
Don’t get confused. Not all side umbrellas are the same. Eden Garden, our house of made-to-measure parasols, offers its multi-wing system, making your lateral parasol equal to or even more resistant than a central mast parasol from any other house.
As the price of these models becomes more expensive compared to those of another of our brands, we offer the option of central mast umbrellas that can compete with the multi-wing models, such as the Patio Pro, Maestro Pro and Basto Pro.
No matter what your situation is, we will take care of helping you find the best umbrella for your terrace, regardless of the weather conditions it may have.

Sincerely: La Sombrilla’s team

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