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New fall proposals

Hello sombrilla family, I hope you are all well.
Summer has practically come to an end and it’s time to start worrying about changes in temperature, rain and wind.
I know what you are thinking. We already know the multi-wheel model and its benefits. I know, but… Do you know our option of the Maestro model with enclosures?
Got you!
Today I came to talk about our Maestro Pro. This model that belongs to the Solero house offers incredible wind resistance. It has a fairly solid 81mm center pole that holds up against all odds. In addition, the canvas has an acrylic treatment, which makes it thicker and more resistant than polyester or olefin.
It’s the perfect model if what you need is a restaurant terrace… but of course, wind resistance is not going to keep your customers from being cold or uncomfortable due to strong gusts.
No problem!
This model has the option of adding very resistant lateral enclosures with telescopic poles that will make your outdoor terrace the ideal place to spend a cold October afternoon. And if that wasn’t enough, ask about our infrared light heaters to finish perfecting your terrace!
All the best.
Sincerely: La Sombrilla’s team

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