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Many meters to cover while saving space?

Hello Sombrilla family, hope you are doing well. Thinking and thinking, the other day I came to a rather important question. Sometimes, although we have many meters that we want to cover with shade, we do not always have space for it, no matter how paradoxical it may seem. For this type of case we have the perfect product for you, and that is what we are going to talk about today:
Gemelli Steel
Parasol whose structure is characterized by an innovative design, but at the same time simple. It consists of a single mast from which two parasols come out, thus gaining space and design. There are multiple customization possibilities. Both arms are equipped with rotating mechanisms, which allow the parasols to be moved to one side of the terrace if you wish to close them.
With a wide variety of sizes to choose from, this parasol has the multi-foil system, which gives it impeccable wind resistance, in addition to it’s canvas, which is made of acrylic material with a waterproofing treatment that also makes it rain resistant.
In short, if you are looking to save space and gain elegance and quality, this is your parasol.
Sincerely: La Sombrilla Team.

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