Umbrellas are not only for the beach!

Many of us when we hear the word umbrella our imagination goes directly to a crowded beach full of multicolored round objects anchored in the sand. But an umbrella is much more than a piece of cloth with a stick that protects us from the sun.

The location and the weather is one of the most important factors when choosing one type of umbrella or another. A dry climate in which it practically never rains is not the same as a climate where rain and wind are abundant even in summer. It is in the latter where it is important to have a strong and professional umbrella or parasol to protect us.

Although the main use of umbrellas or parasols continues to be to protect us from the intense rays of the sun, there are more sophisticated models that incorporate a 100% waterproof PVC canvas that does not let a single drop of water through, to which enclosures are added. , rain gutters and heaters with which you can create a comfortable environment and stay sheltered in winter season.

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