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A round, square or rectangular umbrella?

You can cover your terrace optimally combining different shapes and sizes.

Soon the summer heat is here. That is why it is important to look for a shade that makes the intense rays of the sun more bearable. And as we get down to it, we are going to see how we can cover our terrace in the most optimal way possible, thanks to different sizes and shapes of umbrellas.

If we have a terrace with small dimensions, it can simply serve us with a simple classic round umbrella where its diameter can protect the desired space from the sun. If we have a slightly larger place, we can opt for square umbrellas that have an advantage over the round ones, since if they are placed next to each other, it will create a shaded area with almost no spaces where the sun enters.
Finally, rectangular umbrellas or parasols are the ones that best adapt to rather narrow and elongated balconies or terraces. Thanks to its extensive length, you can ensure a family meal in the shade or cover a large seating area to enjoy the whole day protected from the sun. They are more susceptible to wind, but are ideal, for example, for narrow alleys. The normal thing in these models is that the support post is on one side.

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